Magnolia Ponds has experienced such an increase in business related to their VINYL LINER POOLS, WATER GARDENS, AND BACKYARD MAKEOVERS (see that they have discontinued new pool construction in areas other than Northern Harris County and Montgomery County.

 In this age of building monuments to someone's ego, Magnolia Ponds prefers to build a pool for "Joe and his family." One does not need to spend half a king's ransom to hear the glee of his children coming in from the back yard.

vinyl lined pool Conroe TX

Vinyl lined pools are not cheap alternatives.  They are just less costly, built to withstand years of use, and with less headaches than a gunite pool.  For example, one doesn't have the constant staining issues with a vinyl lined pool, the pool will not crack in our shifting South Texas soils, and your children will not have the 'sandpaper' effect on their soft fingers and toes.  Chemical costs are greatly reduced due to the inert nature of our virgin vinyl materials.  

vinyl liner pool Spring Texas

Vinyl lined pool Kingwood TX

How long does a liner last?  About the same amount of time as a typical plaster job on a gunite pool.  So, when someone tells you that you will have to replace the liner in 7 to 10 years or so, remember that the gunite owner will have to replaster their pool in the same amount of time... and at a much greater expense! 

Vinyl Liner Pool Spring, TX

Vinyl Lined Pool Tomball TX